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Rob Lucas podcast on the retina

Nina Rzechorzek

2 Apr 2024

Using light to tell time

In full swing of their podcast series, 'Light O'Clock', the Translational Sensory and Circadian Neuroscience (TSCN) Unit bring you Episode 3: Using light to tell time. Featuring our very own Prof. Robert Lucas from the University of Manchester, and hosted by Caro Guidolin, this episode explores the multifaceted roles of different cells in the human retina. Learn about how a single type of cell can have a massive influence on our internal body clock and why there is a growing significance of light design in all our lives. These and other interesting topics will be tackled in this episode of Light O’Clock! Catch a taster below then listen to the full episode on the website, Spotify, or from Apple Podcasts.

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