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Record-breaking Clock Club in Cambridge!

Nina Rzechorzek

6 Oct 2023

Chronophage meets bearded dragon

Image credit: Copyright of MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Autumn Clock Club 2023 was hosted on Friday 6th October by the O'Neill and Hastings labs at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge. We had a record-breaking sign-up for the meeting with 185 delegates representing 34 institutes and 14 industry partners.

Our horological journey kicked off with the inner workings of the Corpus Chronophage Clock before we were dazzled with data on the biological clocks of plants, cyanobacteria, neurons of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, Brain Lymphatic Endothelial Cells, human interstitial fluid, intervertebral discs, the brainstem, the critical care patient, the visual system, and the pineal gland of the bearded dragon. Finally, we were all kept very much awake by Prof Hiroki Ueda's superb keynote on sleep! With plenty of opportunities for networking it was a non-stop clock talking shop from dawn until far beyond dusk.

Prize winners included:

Poster runner up - Emma Picot of Gifford/Carre Labs, University of Warwick

Poster winner - Jack Dorling of Dodd Lab, John Innes Centre

Data Blitz runner up - Deirdre Lynch of Dodd Lab, John Innes Centre

Data Blitz winner - Jack Dorling (yes he won 2 prizes) of Dodd Lab, John Innes Centre

Talk runner up - Sasha Eremina of Locke Lab, Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University

Talk winner - Emma Morris of Laurent Lab, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Poster special mentions went to Mehran Akhtar (Chen Lab, University of Leicester) and Tomasz Zielinski (Millar Lab, University of Edinburgh)

Student Travel Awardees included Mehran Akhtar, Talya Goble, Rebecca Grossman, Rama Ijaz, Jia Wen Lian, Kayla McCarthy, Charlotte Muir, Connor Reynolds, Emily Sample, Aparajita Sriram, Vadim Vasilyev, and Hanagh Winter

Thanks to all our speakers and poster presenters, our wonderful keynote, and our generous sponsors for making this magical event possible!

Clock Club 2023 Programme
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