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Mental Health and the Body Clock

Nina Rzechorzek

15 Mar 2024

Survey launched - have your say!

The Circadian Mental Health Network in association with the James Lind Alliance has launched a new survey for research priority setting about Mental Health and the Body Clock. The survey will be open until June 15th 2024. Find out more in this video. Complete the survey online here or download it to complete from here.

We are discovering more and more about the importance of the relationships between mental health and the body clock through research. We need your help to find out more.

Has a disrupted body clock impacted your mental health? Or has your mental health impacted your body clock? What questions would you like answered concerning mental health and the body clock?

Your questions will help inform what future research should be focused on. Your questions will help to shape research to benefit as many people as possible.

We are looking to understand the relationships between mental health and the body clock. This survey was put together by our Steering Group, which includes researchers, clinicians, support charity members and people with lived experience.

We want to know what matters most to people experiencing difficulties related to mental health and the body clock. We will share these answers so that research can be focused on what is important.

This survey is open to UK residents over 11 years old. If you are aged 11-17 and are interested in the survey, we encourage you to let a parent, guardian or carer know before taking part.

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